Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did I wake? (or never sleep?)

I started a new composition recently When I found myself after one particular all-nighter, a phrase popped into my mind; "Did you just wake up? Or never sleep?" It was born from the strange feeling one living off a sleepless night feels, that haunting knowledge that the rest of the world spent their night in dreams, while you lay awake or forced yourself awake for one reason or another. That feeling that, though it certainly is no longer night, it cannot be day.
But as I pondered the phrase further, another thought came to mind; another feeling and disposition. Namely, the one a person finds him/herself in after a seemingly sleepless night; the kind where you never remember falling asleep, and never waking up. Those nights where you MUST have slept, but the details of it are a haunting mystery. The dreams can't be remembered, and you seem to believe that you spent all night pondering some demon of your past, future, or present, questioning yourself, surroundings, or the countless "others" frequenting your life.
The song itself is a work in progress; one I will hopefully be continuing to work on for weeks or months to come. But there is a section of the piece I hope to contribute to a vocal part with lyrics. I've been working on this little piece of poetry for a few day, and hope to put it to a melody later. Like the song, it is a work in progress. I'd like to share some of what I have been working on, however. Here is what I have so far:

Did I wake or never sleep?
Did the world drift by like tumbleweeds,
Leave me wondering, sick, and weak?
Did the stars give me repose,
To all those little woes,
And take me from the lows to
high off dreams?

If I slept, then did I dream?
Is it so much just to ask for an
escape from this old scene?
Were the lovers kissing there,
Make me sigh, more than I can bear, though I can't
Even much as dare
To hope such things?

Lucid dreams, do make me fear,
That my feet aren't standing here,
Though I truly hope to hear
You call my name.

If I dreamed, was it of you?
Was I carried off to wondrous places,
Never parting; no adieu? But even
if it's as I say, It's no
Replacement for the passing days I spend,
to make my little way,
to be with you.

Now I'm awake, where are you?
Sleep please take me now!
Take me to a better place,
Sleep for now...
Sleep for now...
Sleep for now...

That's what I have right now. I'm pretty much just in the editing process now, and yes, I realize it turned out to be a love song, in one form or another. At this point, any revisions I make have to maintain this same form. The last stanza is written to a specific melodic section that I already wrote, and that returns throughout the piece.

Also, this was my first try at lyric writing, so please be gentle.


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Matt's brain said...

Rhyme-master Aaron Bahr!!

I think I can actually see you as a lyricist/composer. Now you might be able to ACTUALLY make some money by writing pop songs!!