Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who do you want to be?

I think most people have a vision of who they'd like to be- their personal model for perfection.  And their entire life is made to slowly approach that vision of perfection, but never reach it.  The vision changes, the path is tricky, and people are imperfect, so no one really can reach that place- at least not in this lifetime.  
The funny thing is, we are already that person.  We are that person when we sit alone in our rooms thinking on the world, we are that person when no one else knows we are.  Circumstance takes away our perfection, each individual choice and broken compromise to that perfection takes us away from that Giant.  It's easy to maintain the right personal standards when no one is looking and when we don't look down the muzzle of a gun with each personal choice.  
Because we don't exist as a person at any time except for this very moment.  
I have known people to make rash judgements concerning people when they choose to boil them down to very simple characteristics.  Oh, he's lazy, or she's gossipy.  But that is untrue, because when we look at a person in the grander scheme of life, they cannot be known by just that one characteristic.  We are complicated beings made of complicated chemicals and thoughts and awareness.  But to another person, we only exist in the moments they experience us, we only exist as their personal perception perceives.  So when perception becomes an issue, we make the decision to part with our perfection for a moment, but that moment is all that exists.

And again, I failed to make a point.

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